Nashville Country Singers

Country singers butchering the Hits of '69.

I've heard some good singers occasionally screw up a word or two in a cover song, but "Hits of '69" by the Nashville Country Singers takes the cake. Apparently, nobody bothered to give these folks copies of the lyrics to the songs they were expected to sing. Combine that with flat music and off-key vocals and you have what was certainly one of the most exciting new albums of the year.

Check out how the Country Singers butcher two of my favorite songs. On "Aquarius", the moon is no longer in the seventh house, but the serpent's house. Then the phrase "no more falsehoods or derisions" somehow becomes -- get this -- "thunderbolts of long duration". Whoa! But that's nothing compared to what they do to "Proud Mary". Incredibly, they don't even sing the phrase "Proud Mary" once throughout the entire song. Among other flubs, these guys "seen a lotta plays in Memphis" and "Humped a lotta grain in New Orleans". I don't know what they were taking in Nashville back in 1969 but I sure want some for my next party.

Nashville Country Singers
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Aquarius (Real Audio) Harmony and understanding... except for understanding of the lyrics to this song.
Proud Mary (Real Audio) Trust me, this is nothing to be proud of.

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annette ( says:
i wuld like to have a listing of genie shepard's mosic thank you
annette (08-10-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
I convulsed. I heaved. I then made the mistake of playing "Proud Mary." I should have avoided those "Thunderbolts of long duration", for these songs sure seemed alot long than they were. Christ Almighty. (08-08-2002)

Taylor and Jamie ( says:
Hey country singers ,
If your looking for a great american song to sing email us and we will sell it to you for a great price! Just email us... (08-08-2002)

helen plum ( says:
The singers of country singing is one of the most wonderful things that realy touches the hearts of AMERICA.Keep up the good work. (08-08-2002)

danny country ( says:
getting divorced check out this song for your ex-wife at (08-01-2002)

Randy Bacon ( says:
Dear, Country Singers I want your infomation on helping me Randy Bacon Doing music demos as a fundraising event I have created my powerful songs
as my Chain Of Hope Program for a webpage for the handicap giving back to the public feeding the homeless people as video country graphs what are Country Singers how do you like me now comments. Please E-mail me back Randy Bacon CowBoy love (07-31-2002)

Steve Van Kirk ( says:
Just caught the title "litte Arrows". Could they have sung it worse than Leapy Lee? Ya see what you've done? I have to buy a copy now. Wonder if it's in the same key? (07-27-2002)

Steve van kirk ( says:
I remember finding this record at the local Goodwill store, and put it back. Guess it wasn't my BAG. it's groovie played only once like new. (07-27-2002)

Alicia H. Fair ( says:
toby kieth i loveyou and you alan jackson (07-25-2002)

Extream says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

Chelsea Gunn. ( says:
Hey yall! I'm from Tennessee and I'm nine . I just wanted to say I LOVE countey music. It's da bomb. I listen to every day,16-7 (like 24-7,but I'm not old enough.) Thanks for singing all those great songs you sing. Signing off,Chelsea. (06-15-2002)

Danny Brien says:
I'm sure that she sings 'Aquari-Arse'.
Rather fitting with the style (06-10-2002)

Tom Tuerff ( says:
EVEN I play guitar better than this guy. If this loser ever had the nerve to get even two miles close to Nashville, he'd have been tied to a cross and burned. Notice how he changes key TWICE before they even start singing? (05-24-2002)

cole says:
ilove country music. it makes my life so happy besides that i getting married to kenny chesney (not sure about the spelling) anyway.... havent hear these people but just saying that i enjoy anyone who tries to play counrty. yee haa... and there is no need to say anything nasty on this page boys!!! lol (05-23-2002)

Tweety says:
The Nashville has made a great web site for you
and you should thank them. So I thank all of the
Nashville country singers. Thank you'll.

From:Tweety (05-03-2002)

Tweety says:
The Nashville has made a great web site for you
and you should thank them. So I thank all of the
Nashville country singers. Thank you'll.

From:Tweety (05-03-2002)

Velmarie Swing ( says:
I grew up listening to Merl Haggart, Buck Owens, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn, and many more. What is Loretta Lynn up to these days. I can remember liking her because she always looked like a 'lady'. I don't remember her ever looking painted or unreal. I didn't care for country music much, but I liked her because she sang about real things in life. Anyway someone could get information out about her? I look forward to some kind of response!
Thank you for taking the time to read and post this!
Velmarie Swing
Moore, Oklahoma (04-07-2002)

Søren Pilegaard says:
Incredible ! You don´t believe your ears. I LOVE this site !! (04-03-2002)

Abbey (peace_babe5@hotmail) says:
Country music kicks ass!! I listen to it all the time. That's why I love it so much (03-05-2002)

Phil says:
Music to pork your sister to. (02-21-2002)

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