Nashville Country Singers

Country singers butchering the Hits of '69.

I've heard some good singers occasionally screw up a word or two in a cover song, but "Hits of '69" by the Nashville Country Singers takes the cake. Apparently, nobody bothered to give these folks copies of the lyrics to the songs they were expected to sing. Combine that with flat music and off-key vocals and you have what was certainly one of the most exciting new albums of the year.

Check out how the Country Singers butcher two of my favorite songs. On "Aquarius", the moon is no longer in the seventh house, but the serpent's house. Then the phrase "no more falsehoods or derisions" somehow becomes -- get this -- "thunderbolts of long duration". Whoa! But that's nothing compared to what they do to "Proud Mary". Incredibly, they don't even sing the phrase "Proud Mary" once throughout the entire song. Among other flubs, these guys "seen a lotta plays in Memphis" and "Humped a lotta grain in New Orleans". I don't know what they were taking in Nashville back in 1969 but I sure want some for my next party.

Nashville Country Singers
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Aquarius (Real Audio) Harmony and understanding... except for understanding of the lyrics to this song.
Proud Mary (Real Audio) Trust me, this is nothing to be proud of.

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Becky ( says:
Country music kicks ass!!!!! (01-21-2002)

Becky ( says:
I'm desperate of finding a song from a country singer John Micheal Montgamory the ' the girl' or whatever if you find it please e-mail me


xoxo (01-21-2002)

Dart ( says:
Few things on the Internet make me laugh until I cry....thank you so very, very much for this site and these selections in particular... (01-08-2002)

ronnie tinson ( says:
these singers are without doupt the most exciteing band discovered since the great migity brothers combo.hey give em a chance folks,i suggest they records jailhouse rock simply because
they will proberly out sell the original by the king (12-24-2001)

I love all country music,but mostly I lovethe older ones like carl Smith.The Statler Bro's.
Hank Williams,Doc.Williams Chicky Williams.Connie
Smith Genie Shepard, and whole lot I'm leaving
out but not out of My heart.

SPACE (12-15-2001)

horny dude says:
i bet the bitch on the cover gives good head (10-28-2001)

CP says:
'Scuse me, anyone seens any soul around anywhwere? How 'bout a clue - someone got one of those? ......AAAArrrrrghhh! Get down. Now, get back up. OK, roll over. (10-16-2001)

vinnie ( says:
the Nashville Country Singers is quite interesting site to serch on.
Thanks! (10-15-2001)

verna stowe ( says:

this new breed of country female singers sound like a bunch of old hens squacking they sound awful in other words they stink (08-10-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245
I'll supply the coffee! (08-06-2001)

Alone Beatinmyprick ( says:
Lone Beatnik I wish you would spill coffee on your pussy! (08-06-2001)

Sammy Reed says:
I wish they did the "Let the Sun Shine In" part. That woulda been JAMMIN' (08-02-2001)

Friction Lad ( says:
These people obviously don't speak a word of English. They're Korean war orphans who learned the lyrics phonetically after they were translated from Swedish to Urdu and then back again.


Eric ( says:
The Lone Beatnik is doing a disservice to the cast of "Scooby-Doo" by comparing these lamewad Nashville hacks to gads, didn't "Proud Mary" have a soul at one point? Didn't it ROCK? What the hell happened? Can we give John Fogerty a gun and let him have five minutes alone with these people? (07-01-2001)

The Lone Beatnik says:
Oh yeah, the version of PROUD MARY could have been sung better by japanese kids who don't know english. The lyrics are not the original ones. They're strange variations. "Big wheel keep on rollin'"? What the flying fuck! I love CCR, which makes me hate these ppl even more. (06-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik says:
Oh yeah, the version of PROUD MARY could have been sung better by japanese kids who don't know english. The lyrics are not the original ones. They're strange variations. "Big wheel keep on rollin'"? What the flying fuck! (06-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Aaron, this is no Grateful Dead album. Oh, if only this were AMERICAN BEAUTY or TERRAPIN STATION or WORKINGMAN'S DEAD! Instead, this is the cast of Scooby Doo making a sountrack to the never-released film THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF SEAL CLUBBING IN SOUTH CAROLINA, U.S.A.

"Ju-pit-terrrrrr" (06-15-2001)

aaron ( says:
Sounds like the Greatful Dead to me. (08-22-2000)

fan says:
dolly has great tits! (05-22-2000)

Sammy Reed says:
One more thing... "And I never lost a MANNER OF SPEAKIN', worryin' bout the way things might have been"? Ok. And did anybody really think the phrase "I'll NEVER keep on goin'" would make any sense. How did they rationalize that, I'd like to know? (05-08-2000)

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