Nashville Country Singers

Country singers butchering the Hits of '69.

I've heard some good singers occasionally screw up a word or two in a cover song, but "Hits of '69" by the Nashville Country Singers takes the cake. Apparently, nobody bothered to give these folks copies of the lyrics to the songs they were expected to sing. Combine that with flat music and off-key vocals and you have what was certainly one of the most exciting new albums of the year.

Check out how the Country Singers butcher two of my favorite songs. On "Aquarius", the moon is no longer in the seventh house, but the serpent's house. Then the phrase "no more falsehoods or derisions" somehow becomes -- get this -- "thunderbolts of long duration". Whoa! But that's nothing compared to what they do to "Proud Mary". Incredibly, they don't even sing the phrase "Proud Mary" once throughout the entire song. Among other flubs, these guys "seen a lotta plays in Memphis" and "Humped a lotta grain in New Orleans". I don't know what they were taking in Nashville back in 1969 but I sure want some for my next party.

Nashville Country Singers
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Aquarius (Real Audio) Harmony and understanding... except for understanding of the lyrics to this song.
Proud Mary (Real Audio) Trust me, this is nothing to be proud of.

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Your Comments:

Alycia says:
I like the song Gone the best man nobody can beat that song (06-08-2005)

John T. Tagalong ( says:
Yeah, where the hell are the sequins? Don't these people know how to dress anymore? AND WHERE ARE THEIR HATS? (06-02-2005)

Renee says:
I like country music but i don't like how that when i watch the country music awards i see electric guitars...go back to real guitars...and how one year one of the younger male singers came out in shity city clothes. (06-01-2005)

Nick says:
If you love country music or Southern Rock, then you should check out This guy is going to make it someday with or without the help of the labels. Just because he doesn't sing pop country or kiss ass doesn't mean that he shouldn't be heard!! (05-30-2005)

John T. Tagalong ( says:
Judging by the cover, this is obviously FALSE country. Nobody's wearing a goddamn hat, fer chrissakes. I mean, get real people! (05-20-2005)

Kayla Bumbalough ( says:
There's this one song that gets me. It's called "Whisky Lullabuy." This song reminds me of my real dad and how he killed himself. This song is just like my real dad. He did the exact same thing. If you have questions e-mail me. I LOVE COUNTRY..!! (05-18-2005)

Kayla Bumbalough ( says:
I would like to say. I grew up on country and i listen to it every day. My real dad use to sing us all kinds of country until he shot himself. So i would like the country music to keep playing so I can think of my father. I am 14 years old and I'm a very beautiful smart girl. Thats what my dad told me when i was 7. His last words were get in the car now. I love you daddy. Keep singing. (05-18-2005)

Gregory Moore ( says:
You wanna know the new country artist on the scene? She's gonna take over the scene within the next 2 yrs., I know she will! Crista Lynn! She has a website you should check her out if you like young beautiful country artists on the rise! I am a great fan!- Greg (05-17-2005)

Emma ( says:
Why are there no English Country Singers is there a rule that you have to be American? (05-16-2005)

Megan Mee ( says:

roberto valle (intermex says:
I love country music.When I pass throug Nashville year 1985,the only thing I did is listen to those groups that was playing in that little theatre in the corner of the end of main street,no remeber the name,but I remember the songs,a two hours of songs for a foreign that was passing by.
I am a Chilean guy that remember from Chile country music of Nashville.- (04-29-2005)

Roxey says:
Each Nashville singer has a beautiful singing voice. I love all their songs. I hope they keep up the good work! (04-21-2005)

Ashley Krouse (Markssweetie07) says:
I would just like to say great job to all the country artists because your songs are BEAUTIFUL and have such great meaning. So thatnks for being great at what you do so well. (04-13-2005)

amanda says:
i want you to know that todays music of country is starting to suck... 7 years ago it was awsome and not alot of people in idaho really like that new stile... like shania twain what the hell you know just put in the word that amanda says go back and do it real not like hip hop shit stile of country!!! (04-13-2005)

hannibal ( says:
how did people avoid breaking into laughter on a daily basis during the entire year of 69? (04-01-2005)

tina ( says:
someone please help i cant find the perfect hat that would fit my style! i want a cowboy hat that is light tan but i want it to look right on me! i have tan skin short brown hair and dark brown eyes and im 5'5! please someone help me find the right hat! (03-23-2005)

Lissett Martinez ( says:
Hello i love country music i live in miami florida i am cuban/american . I am 34 years old and i have never been to a country concert or nothing of country but i love to marry a country green or blue eye man with blonde hair. I wish i can go to a country concert one day.

Thank you (03-23-2005)

Paulette carlson Fan says:
We need paulette carlson and Highway 101 back on the scene. They were they best. (02-23-2005)

Nikki ( says:
I'm not sure what the name of the song is or what the artist name is but she is a young female. The songs talks about how she misses her dad and wishes that he could be there now. It really means alot to me that I find this song. I heard it not to long ago and really need to find out who sings it. You can email me if you have anymore questions. PLEASE HELP ME! I lost my dad when i was young and this song realtes to me. Thanks so much (02-20-2005)

Monica ( says:
I am verry bad in english but I hope you understand me. Is the some people some will talk with me on the e-mail?
I am from Norway and I am 22 years old, and I like country music.
I hope to hear from anybody. (02-10-2005)

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