Nashville Country Singers

Country singers butchering the Hits of '69.

I've heard some good singers occasionally screw up a word or two in a cover song, but "Hits of '69" by the Nashville Country Singers takes the cake. Apparently, nobody bothered to give these folks copies of the lyrics to the songs they were expected to sing. Combine that with flat music and off-key vocals and you have what was certainly one of the most exciting new albums of the year.

Check out how the Country Singers butcher two of my favorite songs. On "Aquarius", the moon is no longer in the seventh house, but the serpent's house. Then the phrase "no more falsehoods or derisions" somehow becomes -- get this -- "thunderbolts of long duration". Whoa! But that's nothing compared to what they do to "Proud Mary". Incredibly, they don't even sing the phrase "Proud Mary" once throughout the entire song. Among other flubs, these guys "seen a lotta plays in Memphis" and "Humped a lotta grain in New Orleans". I don't know what they were taking in Nashville back in 1969 but I sure want some for my next party.

Nashville Country Singers
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Aquarius (Real Audio) Harmony and understanding... except for understanding of the lyrics to this song.
Proud Mary (Real Audio) Trust me, this is nothing to be proud of.

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Your Comments:

Lenny says:
I wouldn't give Frank that much credit. (02-02-2005)

Scott Baio says:
Frank Larosa is actually Kenny Chesney in disguise! (02-01-2005)

Ken ( says:
Hope someone can help me find who sang the song and the name with the lyrics "no no no no no that is not my style, why don't we wait a while, no no no no no, I would rather be free, golden rings would only bring a change to you and me."

Thanks,Ken (01-22-2005)

Yasmin says:
Wow you guys are awosome! You are my best singers ever. You are all I listen to. I love country because whenyou are in a bad mood it chears you up verry quickly. You are the best ever!I will probially say tat a lot.Well gotta go, see ya.


T.J. Southard says:
OK,You did it !!!
I'm dying here, I'm laughting so hard.Not at just the songs but also at the comments people have written. God I love this country, "We are all crazy". Mind "yall" I'm not laughting at you, I'm laughting with you !!! LOL.
God Bless You All <:-)=[ (01-20-2005)

Barbara says:
What ever happen to johnny rodriregus???? (Willie nelson's ex son in law??? (01-15-2005)

adam lawhorn, martin,Tn ( says:
I am trying to find a Neil McCoy song that went something like

If I built you a fire

I think mid 1980's
can anyone help me and tell me what tape or cd I can find it on

email me at -- (01-14-2005)

Merriann Stevens ( says:
yeah i would like to say a few words.

i have to say something that is very interesting
what should i do when the time becomes up on my wedding date? what do i do if my dress isn't ready and many different things happen?

Merriann stevens soon to be shippy (01-14-2005)

nehl ( says:
Ashley i think you are wrong about the guys whereing girly jeans. i love it! not like the really girl jeans but deffinetly the tight ones that show of the butt. ummm. and i LOVE the way keith urban and tim where their jeans i think it is great. (01-12-2005)

Lisa Gilbert says:
I was born to sing, if only I could find a way of being heard.I'm only 14 and it has always been my dream to sing. Maybe one of these days my luck will change and someone will call me wanting to hear me sing. I don't know but i hope it does happen. I'm 100% redneck girl and NOONE can change that. (01-10-2005)

Tobylover says:
Mad Dr. Matt.. If you are insulting Toby Keith i will personally kick your ass (01-08-2005)

Jolly Prowler says:
Tiffany is a foop (01-08-2005)

Jolly Prowler says:
Hey "just me because" why dont you go listen to the fish and join the Positive People Group (01-08-2005)

Jolly Prowler says:
Hey Tayler Schrock, R&B and pop are the best. So why dont you take all your hicks like George Straight (crooked), Buddy Jewel, and Kenny Chesney and go to Texas (01-08-2005)

Mara says:
I really hate Kenny Baldman (Chesney). Toby Keith is the BEST! He should get evert award!!! (01-07-2005)

just me because says:
I love country because its very nice to hear when in a bad mood.. {-:) just hear the words they are so true!!! for good times and bad times lol for all times? thats my comment on that (01-06-2005)

kim ( says:
I am wondering how can I find out when Kenny Chenesey will be in concert again. My son really loves him and would like to see him. (01-05-2005)

Rita Ramirez ( says:
I think Jeff Bates is the most incredible singer ever when he came up with the song I Wanna Make You Cry...the reason I say this is because I have experienced this feeling and I know exactly what he is talking about and ohhhhhh myyyyy goshhhhhh, you do cry... Thank you kindly Jeff for this awesome song.... Rita from Texas (01-05-2005)

gary ( says:
i've actually been trying to find some history on the nashville country singers for quite awhile (not the current rock group). please contact, if anyone knows anything-thanks! gary (12-30-2004)

sammi jo says:
i luv country,livin' in the country, and most of all........ country music!!I LUV ........
Big Kenny and John Rich(Big and Rich)There both sooooo good singers and there both really hot!!!
Also I like Grechen Wilson!! And I'm sayin'4 her song Redneck women(even though I'm only 12 yrs. old,I wunna B just like her!!!) : H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY STICKS!!!!!!!!!!!
I (12-29-2004)

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