Sebastian Cabot, Actor

Actor Sebastian Cabot performing 'dramatic readings' of Bob Dylan songs... sweet!

I'd been looking for this record ever since I heard "It Ain't Me Babe" on the Rino Records' Golden Throats album. It's English actor Sebastian Cabot -- you may remember him from his role as Mr. French on TV's Family Affair -- performing Bob Dylan songs like you've never heard them before.

And what a performance it is. From "Who Killed Davey Moore" to "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Like A Rolling Stone", Cabot's "dramatic readings" blew me away, adding more new dimensions to these great songs than even Dylan himself could have imagined. They don't make actors like Sebastian Cabot anymore and they sure don't make records like this one, either!

Update: In 2007, Rev-Ola re-released "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" on CD! What took them so long? In any case, now you can enjoy the Frenchman's incredible Dylan stylings without the hassle of finding a vinyl copy at a garage sale and pulling your turntable out of cold storage. Just order it online!

Sebastian Cabot, Actor
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Who Killed Davey Moore (MP3) Why? And what's the reason for?
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (MP3) I bet Dylan thought twice about letting people cover his songs when he heard this.

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Sam the Butcher ( says:
I heard that Mr French and Uncle Charley from "My Three Sons" had things going on. (03-13-2009)

rdiaz921 ( says:
Teresa ( says:
I think it was in the 1980's, Sebastian Cabot played Santa in a remake of "Miracle on 34th Street" but it has vanished off the face of the earth. I can't find the movie or any mention of it. Can anyone help? (12-17-2002)

I may be 6 years late, but it is on cable right now. I'm watching it. (12-6-2008) (12-06-2008)

Glenn Kantorski ( says:
I met Sebastian Cabot at Fire Support Base Leopard Main in 1971. He was on a USO tour and was wearing army fatigues. My best memory of Sebastian was from the old TV show Pantomime Quiz. He was an excellent player on this charades game show in the late 1950's. He was the last person I expected to see in the middle of Viet Nam. I really respected him for paying us a short visit and telling us we were not forgotten back in the "world". (09-27-2008)

Michel McKean says:
Please Mr. Cabot, along with the millions of us who adore Dylan and sing along in silence, spare us the thought of spoiling a poet with your mockery. Is nothing sacred? (09-20-2008)

Chris J Anderson ( says:
I've always enjoyed Sebastian's work. When I was in the 3rd grade to see my Uncle Alan in the Royal Jublee Hospital, Sebastian Cabot was in the next room. I got to see him in transit to testing. This was back in 1963, it was so cool as I had seen him in a Twilight Zone episode. Sebastian had his own delevery and flair. I fine man indeed.
cja (03-04-2008)

Richard Trible ( says:
Unlike Shatner, who thought he was doing something great with The Transformed Man, it's clear to me that Sebastian had a wry sense of humor.

In the spirit of Mr. Cabot I did my own recitation of Oops I Did It Again on my CD. It can be found on my site.

What annoyed me about Family Affair is that his character had a "do I have to put up with these kids" attitude to being sweet. I only watched the show on occasion because the older daughter was so cute.

Sebastian Cabot was a big man in more ways than one. (11-24-2007)

Tom ( says:
Big Seb was my grandad. I just wanted to thank everyone for the nice things thay've said about him.
I had no idea he'd done a reading of Dylan and I'm looking forward to hearing it. (09-22-2007)

haywood jablomy says:
There were two Mr. Frenches... Cabot, and John Williams (not the composer, but a British character actor who appeared in Dial M for Murder among other films).

The actor Sandra saw in the MacGyver episode was most likely John Rhys-Davies, who looked a good deal like Cabot. (07-17-2007)

Stephen Charest ( says:
Family Affair was the best show I ever seen. (06-16-2007)

John Hedtke ( says:
"Giles" -- He was Mr. Giles French, plantradish. I couldn't remember either, but I was able to find it on Thank goodness for that; I would've had it niggling at the back of my brain for days trying to find out, otherwise! :) (03-24-2007)

phil Herring ( says:

Oceanside says:
Uncle Bill's gentleman's gentleman was Mr. Giles French. (02-13-2007)

dragster says:
Veeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting indeed. After discovering that Goldie Hawn and Anette Funicello respectively released records...and what good records at that.....I'd love to listen to uncle Seb doing Dylan!!! Thanx! (02-09-2007)

plantaradish ( says:
Does anyone out there know the first name of Mr. French's character on Family Affair? Thank you. Plantaradish (01-21-2007)

mahone ( says:
did seb cabot ever sing buffy st maries "until its time for you to go"? (11-03-2006)

Ian Wormtongue says:
Sebastian sure got excited reciting "Davey Moore".... (09-23-2006)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Who killed Davey Moore?

Sugar Ramos, that's who killed Davey Moore. (07-01-2006)

Dono says:
What common household objects did MacGyver use to get Sebastian Cabot into the show? That was some trick, considering Cabot died in 1977 and the show debuted in 1985. (06-30-2006)

Eric L. says:
Assigned to the Information Office at Cam Ranh Bay, I spent a day with Sebastian Cabot as he visited with patients at the hospital there one-on-one, and met with other troops. A lot of celebrities deserve a tremendous amount of credit for the work they did in Vietnam during the war, but none impressed me quite as much as Sebastian Cabot. He reached out to EVERYONE regardless of rank and was tremendously effective at cheering people up and making them laugh and feel good. At the hospital, he headed straight for the intensive care ward where many patients were in horrible shape and beyond hope, and he spent several minutes with each and every one. It absolutely blew me away. In the hospital and elsewhere, he gave everyone he met his undivided attention. He was a huge talent, but he was as down-to-earth and sincerely nice as they come. I asked him why he was there in the middle of a war, and he said he felt he owed it to his adopted country and to those who were fighting to preserve his freedom. As far as I know, he got nothing in the way of publicity or any other kind of compensation for being there, and for my part, he impressed me as being one of the friendliest and most decent men who ever walked on the face of this planet. (06-19-2006)

Chris says:
Sebastian cabot is a great actor. Please tell everyone where we can get his version of miracle on 34th street. (06-14-2006)

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