Sebastian Cabot, Actor

Actor Sebastian Cabot performing 'dramatic readings' of Bob Dylan songs... sweet!

I'd been looking for this record ever since I heard "It Ain't Me Babe" on the Rino Records' Golden Throats album. It's English actor Sebastian Cabot -- you may remember him from his role as Mr. French on TV's Family Affair -- performing Bob Dylan songs like you've never heard them before.

And what a performance it is. From "Who Killed Davey Moore" to "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Like A Rolling Stone", Cabot's "dramatic readings" blew me away, adding more new dimensions to these great songs than even Dylan himself could have imagined. They don't make actors like Sebastian Cabot anymore and they sure don't make records like this one, either!

Update: In 2007, Rev-Ola re-released "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" on CD! What took them so long? In any case, now you can enjoy the Frenchman's incredible Dylan stylings without the hassle of finding a vinyl copy at a garage sale and pulling your turntable out of cold storage. Just order it online!

Sebastian Cabot, Actor
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Who Killed Davey Moore (MP3) Why? And what's the reason for?
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (MP3) I bet Dylan thought twice about letting people cover his songs when he heard this.

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Your Comments:

Toby ( says:
My favorite on the album is It Ain't Me Babe. He sounds like a cross between a drunken sailor and Yosemite Sam!

Ooh I hate that rabbit! (06-13-2006)

Benjamin kaplan ( says:
Hi this is Benjamin kaplan and I have always been a very huge fan of you for a very long time and I was wondering if you could send me a Autographed picture of you (03-14-2006)

Sandra Tyler Duncan ( says:
Saw him today in a McGyver episode. Marvelous (01-25-2006)

Steven Pearl says:
Sebastian Cabot reciting Bob Dylan is even better than the album "Joey Bishop Sings Country & Western". You go, girl! (12-31-2005)

Herb Harvey ( says:
I met "Mr. French" during his visit to our company near Dong Ba Thin, Vietnam. 1970/71 ??
I admired him because we were an isolated lot of young soldiers who rarely had a visit from anyone friendly. He certainly had guts. We had to laugh when he asked us for a cold ginger-ale. I think he got a semi-cold Schlitz, instead. (11-17-2005)

Isaiah Edwards says:
Rest in peace, Mr. French
You were a piece of work. (10-27-2005)

Hannibal ( says:
Even fewer people remember Bob Dylan's brief run as the butler on Family Affair. (09-30-2005)

Rod Schoonover says:
The cracks in his baritone voice 57 seconds into track 4 and 13 seconds into track 7 reveal the truth about Sebastian Cabot and the honey-glazed albatross around his neck, dragging him ever deeper into an abyss of self-loathing. Who is this corpulent abstraction of himself, this king of biscuits and gravy, that sometimes gazes back cold-eyed from the mirror? That is, when he can muster up the courage to peer into the looking glass in the first place. As cheetoed breath escapes through folded tissue of pharynx, the landlocked manatee struggles to sleep, the wheezing a gadfly to his chicken-fried senses. He wipes the butter crust from the corners of his mouth with his bedcover, exposing his pallid belly to the eyes of the empty chamber. As he drifts towards the sandman, a recording session scheduled in the morn, a solitary tear trickles from each eye, waiting in vain for that loved one who will end his suffering with an airtight pillow kiss. (09-27-2005)

Bob Stamp says:
I am looking for Sebastian Cabot's 1973 version of Miracle on 34th street. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this on VHS or DVD? (09-17-2005)

Joe Gonzales ( says:
How many of you actually remember Sebastian Cabot. (06-28-2005)

Gary Brown ( says:
just wanting to know where i can get a copy of that album..Sebastian Cabot sings it on cd?? does anyone have ordering details. (06-12-2005)

Bob S. ( says:
I remember Sabby best when he portraid a ocean explorer on the tv show THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES!!!Lucas Sebillion...And he really should of borrowed Jed Clampetts RAZOR!!!!! (04-07-2005)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
And if only "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" had stuck to acting, and "Bob Dylan, Poet" had stuck to writing poetry, the world would have been a better place for "Me, Music Fan". (04-01-2005)

Vlog says:
This ranks right up there w/ "Bill Cosby Sings" which I passed back n forth as a xmas present for 4 yrs w/ a h.s. friend...finally my mother kept it because she actually ENJOYED IT!
And yes, I was in 5th grade when I heard of the drug overdose death of Annissa Jones (Buffy). I cried. Two years later, my friends and I cracked jokes about how dear Mrs. Beasley was to Buffy because Mrs. B was "her stashbag." "NO, don't drop the doll off the balcony, it's got all my smaaaaaaaaaack!" (02-24-2005)

Tommy ( says:
What a great actor ! They dont make em like him any more. Thank You Mr Cabot (01-01-2005)

hheeeeehhh says:
On the show characters, he was Mr. French. After he put Jody,Buffy and Sissy to bed, he became "Mr. Greek" for the Dad. Do the math. (12-24-2004)

alice says:
The actress who played Buffy, Anissa Jones, died of a drug overdose in August, 1978. (12-08-2004)

Tom Wilson ( says:
I met Sebastian Cabot in Vietnam in 1970 or '71. He was on a tour of military bases and had just come from Korea. He had come by helicopter to our artillery fire base out in the corner of a rubber plantation near Xuan Loc. He was in jungle fatigues and sweating like a cheese (like eveyone else). He was demonstrating how he'd given the finger wave to North Korea from the DMZ. Somebody got a snapshot of him as he was making the famous gesture (unknowingly)directly towards the battery commander's hootch. We thought that was a hoot. (12-06-2004)

jennifer says:
Sex Toys (12-03-2004)

D.McClure says:
How many old fucks out there remember Sebastion in Checkmate? (12-03-2004)

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