Sebastian Cabot, Actor

Actor Sebastian Cabot performing 'dramatic readings' of Bob Dylan songs... sweet!

I'd been looking for this record ever since I heard "It Ain't Me Babe" on the Rino Records' Golden Throats album. It's English actor Sebastian Cabot -- you may remember him from his role as Mr. French on TV's Family Affair -- performing Bob Dylan songs like you've never heard them before.

And what a performance it is. From "Who Killed Davey Moore" to "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Like A Rolling Stone", Cabot's "dramatic readings" blew me away, adding more new dimensions to these great songs than even Dylan himself could have imagined. They don't make actors like Sebastian Cabot anymore and they sure don't make records like this one, either!

Update: In 2007, Rev-Ola re-released "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" on CD! What took them so long? In any case, now you can enjoy the Frenchman's incredible Dylan stylings without the hassle of finding a vinyl copy at a garage sale and pulling your turntable out of cold storage. Just order it online!

Sebastian Cabot, Actor
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Who Killed Davey Moore (MP3) Why? And what's the reason for?
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (MP3) I bet Dylan thought twice about letting people cover his songs when he heard this.

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Your Comments:

Dr. Putz says:
Rod, get help! (12-03-2004)

Christine says:
How many people know that Sebastian Cabot was really a woman? (12-03-2004)

Sir Droopy Titties says:
I think you are thinking of your mother. (11-21-2004)

H. Turd Ferguson says:
Didn't Buffy turn out really bad after Family Affair? Get into drugs and prostitution and stuff? Or am I thinking of the little girl from Father knows best? Or the Olsen twins? (11-21-2004)

kunta (mugu@com) says:
keeeeeeeeeeeeep offffffffffffffffffff (11-15-2004)

Peanut Head says:
I tink Mr. MAD Hatt meant "career" dead...

kinda like JAMMY OSMUENDT...even though he da BOMB AN A BETTER actor den Mr. France dere... (11-12-2004)

Stephen Charest ( says:
MR. French was the worst actor I ever seen (11-12-2004)

bent4toons ( says:
Jodi is still very much alive, as is Cissy.

They both made guest appearances last year on the
new show. (The one where Tim Curry played Mr. French) (11-11-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Their all dead now - you know. Buffy, Jody, Mr. French, Mrs. Beesley and the Dad! It'd the CURSE of Family Affair - I tell you! Where's POE when we need him? (11-11-2004)

Rob says:

juliedutton ( says:
i was wondering
if you die or alive (11-01-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
The only thing that would be worse is Archie Bunker doing Dylan. After all, the guy who played Archie was English as well. Sebastian need not worry getting typecasted for this kind of part. But I loved him in Family Affair as Mr. French. I really wish they'd bring Family Affair back on TVLand or put a season or two of it on DVD. Which reminds me, why haven't they put Jeannie or Bewitched on DVD yet? And as for Gilligan, they've only done a B & W season. I like color in my life. B & W just isn't good enough. I shake the fist of injustice. (10-13-2004)

Lenny says:
Whoa......I just leaked into my pants..... (10-05-2004)

Rod Schoonover says:
The cracks in his baritone voice 57 seconds into track 4 and 13 seconds into track 7 reveal the truth about Sebastian Cabot and the honey-glazed albatross around his neck, dragging him ever deeper into an abyss of self-loathing. Who is this corpulent abstraction of himself, this king of biscuits and gravy, that sometimes gazes back cold-eyed from the mirror? That is, when he can muster up the courage to peer into the looking glass in the first place. As cheetoed breath escapes through folded tissue of pharynx, the landlocked manatee struggles to sleep, the wheezing a gadfly to his chicken-fried senses. He wipes the butter crust from the corners of his mouth with his bedcover, exposing his pallid belly to the eyes of the empty chamber. As he drifts towards the sandman, a recording session scheduled in the morn, a solitary tear trickles from each eye, waiting in vain for that loved one who will end his suffering with an airtight pillow kiss. (10-05-2004)

yo (nice ) says:
go for the bag it's nice (10-04-2004)

Glasphalt says:
I've owned this record since 1982. I played it once, in 1982. 22 years later it still stinks up my record collection, now down to 2 crates from a 1995 high of 8 crates. I will never sell it. I will never listen to it until I get a needle, then maybe once to transfer it to CD. (09-30-2004)

jofishbear says:
A lovely man, and an undeniably Big look in natural threads during those pre-shrunk bonded fabric Twiggy years, but oh, brudder, was this record a mistake. He played bridge regularly, and a friend of mine, during his hippie with no car or TV in LA phase, joined the group and amused Mr. Cabot greatly by never having heard of Mr. French or Family Affair.
I'm glad you can get videos of his pre-Family Affair show, Checkmate, which has a much lower Ick Factor. He's also in Kismet(1956)in a cunning black outfit, and Twice-Told Tales (1963) with Vincent Price, where Roger Corman tries to do to Hawthorne what he got away with doing to Poe on too many occasions (big screams, low budgets, middling camp, a lot of 1820s clothes with 1963 hair and makeup).
But Mr. Cabot always looked as though he was having fun, no matter what. What better tribute to a bear? (07-14-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Hell, Jan...I already tol' you dat I wud help ya wid da money...

dere is anudder guy named Ebunn...mebbe we can give him some o' dis money an he can go ta skool at U of Mentana....he wants ta be a professer like "X"...

So.....liqour, smokes, YOUR MONEY and my JAMMY OSMUNCT CDs and we can talk more about yer...oops...yes, Mommy?...(I haveta go now....bye) (07-03-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
What the hell were our troops doing in Korea in 1970? Someone forget to tell them the frikkin' war ended there back around 1953?? Maybe somebody took a wrong turn at Hanoi?

Better you should have flown Mr. French to a couple of singing lessons.

What a pompous ass!!! Of course, Brian Keith's acting made ol' Cabot look like Olivier. (06-13-2004)

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