Sebastian Cabot, Actor

Actor Sebastian Cabot performing 'dramatic readings' of Bob Dylan songs... sweet!

I'd been looking for this record ever since I heard "It Ain't Me Babe" on the Rino Records' Golden Throats album. It's English actor Sebastian Cabot -- you may remember him from his role as Mr. French on TV's Family Affair -- performing Bob Dylan songs like you've never heard them before.

And what a performance it is. From "Who Killed Davey Moore" to "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Like A Rolling Stone", Cabot's "dramatic readings" blew me away, adding more new dimensions to these great songs than even Dylan himself could have imagined. They don't make actors like Sebastian Cabot anymore and they sure don't make records like this one, either!

Update: In 2007, Rev-Ola re-released "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" on CD! What took them so long? In any case, now you can enjoy the Frenchman's incredible Dylan stylings without the hassle of finding a vinyl copy at a garage sale and pulling your turntable out of cold storage. Just order it online!

Sebastian Cabot, Actor
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Who Killed Davey Moore (MP3) Why? And what's the reason for?
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (MP3) I bet Dylan thought twice about letting people cover his songs when he heard this.

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Dan Wall says:
Mr. Cabot visited the troops in Korea during 1970. I assume it was one of those promo deals thought up by his manager. I flew Mr. Cabot to several remote sites on that tour. I found him to be sincere in his effort. (06-06-2004)

Kira ( says:
Loved Mr. Cabot on Family Affair. But have to wonder why on earth he did this album? A *dramatic reading* of Bob Dylan songs makes about as much sense as George Bush being president of the US. And that makes no sense at ALL. (05-02-2004)

dfsg says:
Let me reiterate. ass ass dick anus. (04-29-2004)

Tom Tuerff ( says:
No wonder Dylan is covering his face on the cover. (04-20-2004)

Wouldn't You Like to Know? ( says:
OH YES!!!!!! FUCK ME HARD! (04-09-2004)

David Diehm says:
Does Dr. Demento know about you?????? (04-04-2004)

dfsg (sgdfgsdf) says:
ass ass dick anus (03-22-2004)

hjhjf (ghjgfjghj) says:
hjghj (03-22-2004)

kkkgjkh (ghjkkhjk) says:
hjkhjgkhjkg (03-22-2004)

S. Smith ( says:
I have a nice AUTOGRAPHED copy of this for sale in excellent condition! It's currently on EBay, item # 4003006508. I might have posted it here first, had I known about this website. Feel free to email me about it. Cabot rocks! actually, he rolls :. Sean (03-19-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Dis Sebastian Cabot guy is such a cool fukkin' actor, man.....makes that Bill Keith look like a sleepy old shitass....
And Buffy and Cissy and Jody?.....Chubb city, baby....
Love the album...was playin' it the other day and passed into semi-consciousness and burned my dik on my lava lamp.....
Cabot is da boss when it comes to interpretatin' Dylan....fuk da Byrds....gimme dat Cabot all night long.....

I used ta dream of Cabot whilst dipping my dik in guacamole dip and....oopps...gotta mommy is calling me.... (03-17-2004)

johnpugs says:
Looking for a copy of "Sebastian Cabot's Beard Book" but it must be original issue, let me know (02-24-2004)

Blind Boy Grunt says:
SeeeBasheeon Cahbot! Ohhhmagawd! Misterr Frrenchhh. How could you do this to meee? Now Ahh Hafta go and "Hide my Love Away!" beeecaaawwws "I'm a Looser" with "Rainyday Women #12 & 35"! but "Don't Think Twice, It's Awwright!"
Albert, I dropped my Harmonica! (02-02-2004)

Hailey says:
Bob looks embearessed on the cover! (01-24-2004)

Janet ( says:
I also can't get my Real One to connect with either sound clip. Is the problem with Real One
(which I personally would like to see replaced with some sound system more quick to respond) - or is this site no longer active? (01-03-2004)

Janet ( says:
Where can I buy this recording? I can't find it at Is it available on cassette? CD?
Sebastian Cabot was always one of our topmost favorite actor. (01-03-2004)

MintaMarie Chandler ( says:
Loved him in "Family Affair" and looking for 1970's Remake of "Miracle on 34th St". (12-29-2003)

Ambry Nicole says:
Does anybody on earth...know the name of the record narrated by Sebastian Cabot(in the mid 60's I reckon)? It was a HORROR RECORD with ghost stories with all the cool sound effects. I use to listen to it hours on end, as a child. I've searched the internet for two years now and can't find one drop of information about it. (12-13-2003)

Thom Waters ( says:
I've looked for this record for years in cutout bins and garage sales. My guess is that they only pressed 5 or 6 of them when they realized how awful it all was. It's actually so awfully wonderful that it approaches genius. Accidental satire of the highest order.You should consider posting the entire album. (10-02-2003)

mactown ( says:
Then there's the fact that 25 years after his death we still comment on this, probably his most obscure effort. I have never had the opportunity to listen to this, but the examples of actors veering off the path to perform such oddities like this are numerous. The music recordings of Leornard Nimoy and William Schatner come to mind. Now those are weird! (09-23-2003)

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