Sebastian Cabot, Actor

Actor Sebastian Cabot performing 'dramatic readings' of Bob Dylan songs... sweet!

I'd been looking for this record ever since I heard "It Ain't Me Babe" on the Rino Records' Golden Throats album. It's English actor Sebastian Cabot -- you may remember him from his role as Mr. French on TV's Family Affair -- performing Bob Dylan songs like you've never heard them before.

And what a performance it is. From "Who Killed Davey Moore" to "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Like A Rolling Stone", Cabot's "dramatic readings" blew me away, adding more new dimensions to these great songs than even Dylan himself could have imagined. They don't make actors like Sebastian Cabot anymore and they sure don't make records like this one, either!

Update: In 2007, Rev-Ola re-released "Sebastian Cabot, Actor" on CD! What took them so long? In any case, now you can enjoy the Frenchman's incredible Dylan stylings without the hassle of finding a vinyl copy at a garage sale and pulling your turntable out of cold storage. Just order it online!

Sebastian Cabot, Actor
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Who Killed Davey Moore (MP3) Why? And what's the reason for?
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (MP3) I bet Dylan thought twice about letting people cover his songs when he heard this.

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Your Comments:

mike ( says:
Who is Bob Dylan?...just kidding....can't imagine Cabot doin' best memory of Cabot is when he said "Look, George, the question I want to put to you is this...even if you had invented uh uh..a time machine...what of it? Who would want to buy it?...and how much would they be willing to pay?"...A true capitalist! Sincerely though, I always found that segment of the movie enchanting... (09-21-2003)

prairie dog ( says:
where could one find a new or used copy of Sebastian Cabot reading Bob Dylan? Prefer cassette or cd. Thanx (09-14-2003)

Peter M says:
Quite possibly the most ill-advised project in the history of recorded music. So bad it's hilarious. (09-05-2003)

doug ( says:

I've had this in my vinyl collection for years.
It's musical content is right up there with the cover art
of the album of Jackie Gleason shakling hands with Salvador Dali:

so bizarre it's surreal.

I still have ringing in my memory the rendition of Dylan's
" it ain't me babe, no, no, it ain't me..." as read by Cabot. (08-11-2003)

P.Godin ( says:
bonjour a tous je vous écris pour savoir qu'est-ce que est devenue le serviteur de l'émission CHÈR ONCLE BILL.
j'aimerait s'avoir que devient t-il depuis que la série télévision CHERE ONCLE BILL a terminez:) et aussi si vous avez des information sur les autre membre de cette série qui ma emballé par cette emission jeunesse. bien a vous et au plaisir de vous lire sous peut. au revoir :) (07-24-2003)

Jackrabbit says:
Orson Wells did the Paul Masson commercials. But Mr. French was the Ultimate Butler... (06-13-2003)

Ken says:
I had only heard about 2 or 3 minutes of his rendition of "Like a Rolling Stone" on a radio show about 10 years ago, and didn't believe this album really existed until now! Much more understandable and less irritating than Bob Dylan. I can actually appreciate Dylan's poetry now. (06-13-2003)

Joe Mamma ( says:
Hey "Chimp Daddy"- you've picked an apt name. Oh, and by the way, it was "We will sell no wine before its time" and it wasn't Sebastian Cabot that uttered it. Every fat guy with a beard is not Sebastian Cabot. (06-09-2003)

Ron ( says:
Who remembers the line that Sabastian Cabot spoke of wine. Something like.....No wine is .......before it's time.


Ron (06-05-2003)

William Holland ( says:
Greatness is never truly recognized in its own time; it often takes generations. In Cabot's case I'm afraid it will take eons. (05-05-2003)

Amanda says:
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Is Sebastian trying to sound like Bogart? Cause he massively does. If Bogart was at an orchestra recital of some sort and what's the chances of that really? Or perhaps in an elevator. Bad idea Cabot! (02-18-2003)

SuPaHsTaHhHhHhhhhh... ( says:
hey homies....wazzaaappppppppppp!!!!!...dis is da bwommmmmbbbbbbbb!!! (02-18-2003)

MaCdAdDy says:
wazzz aaapppppp!!! hey, you bizniches..dis stuff be da bwommmmmmbbbbbbbb!! (02-18-2003)

ScOoTeR ( says:
oh yeahhhhhh dis is da bwommmmbbbb baybeee.......dis is da recowd of all timesss...da greates....oh yeaaahhhhh (02-18-2003)

ChImP DaDdY ( says:
hey yo....dis is da bwommmmbmbb...baybeee...oh yeahh....dis is da shiznit.... (02-18-2003)

John Mason ( says:
Regarding Alex Zichau's comment (4/2/02) that anyone who makes covers of Dylan's work should die: Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watch Tower" is the best there is...but Hendrix is dead now, so maybe anyone who makes a cover of a Dylan song DOES die. Sort of like "The Ring". (01-28-2003)

Groucho ( says:
I had this theory that Sabastian Cabot was also

1) The guy from Mr Belvedere &
2) Sliders

Believe it... or not (01-21-2003)

Galaxy Of Poo (spit@motherboard.mofo) says:
The number of prostitutes this man raped and murdered is tremendous. (01-20-2003)

MightyOrson ( says:
Re:Big Mac
Ray Kroc musta luv'd this. (01-19-2003)

Mike ( says:
"It Ain't Me Babe" and "All I Really Want To Do" are hilarious from this album. (01-08-2003)

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