Beatle Barkers

Do you love the Beatles? Do you love Dogs? Now you can love them both at the same time!

I've listened to hundreds of Beatles covers over the years in just about every style and format you can possibly imagine. I've got Beatle covers by groups trying to sound just like the Beatles and groups trying to sound like anything but the Beatles. Covers sung by celebrities, TV stars, musicians, and nobodys. Musical styles ranging from Country to Jazz to Classical to Acapella. Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes this treasure: the Beatle Barkers. On it are 12 of the Beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs. That's right. Dogs.

You know at Christmastime when every radio station in town starts playing that annoying version of Jingle Bells where the tune is carried by a dog barking at different pitches? Well, this is an entire album of Beatles songs delivered exactly the same way. They even throw in a few other animal noises like cats, chickens and sheep. If that sounds revolting just listening to the description, wait until you hear the record.

I don't get it. Beatles songs with dog and cat noises is supposed to be entertaining? Cartoons of dogs playing guitars with Beatle haricuts is funny? Am I missing a chromosome somewhere or is this the stupidest idea for a recording since Edison cranked out the first wax cylinder?

The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the most well-loved and frequently performed of our generation. I have often wondered why the success of Lennon and McCartney hasn't been duplicated since the 60's -- not even by Lennon or McCartney themselves. I think this record makes the answer obvious. If reaching the pinnacle of songwriting success means you get to hear your music performed by dogs, who would want to bother?

Beatle Barkers
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Love Me Do (MP3) I'll fetch your slippers for you. I'll get the paper too. Love, love me do.
I Saw Her Standing There (MP3) Well she was just seventeen... how old is that in dog years?

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Your Comments:

vap says:
from the first 'baa' i was in tears. i think this is the funniest thing i have ever heard. (06-12-2002)

totalstranger ( says:
I love the Beatles and I love my dogs but the two shall never mix. This was horrible. (06-06-2002)

Diana ( says:
Somehow, I blame George Martin. (06-02-2002)

Dave says:
Frankly, I think some of the songs are absolutely hilarious! I was rolling on the floor listening to some of them!!! (05-18-2002)

larry fornia says:
Seth Morris was also the lead singer in the Dick Murdock Army Blues Band (05-17-2002)

larry fornia says:
I love the dick murdock army blues band (05-16-2002)

Willy diz... ( says:
I don´t believe it! They have a nice sound, I cant only take about 1 minute of it...
Que qué isso mermão!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Pit beatles? (05-06-2002)

Willy diz... ( says:
I don´t believe it! They have a nice sound, I cant only take about 1 minute of it...
Que qué isso mermão!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Pit beatles? (05-06-2002)

Grao Boizir (socorro@oquequeeisso.putz) says:
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! (...) Hahahahahahahaha! (breathing) I've seen funny things in my life, but anything like it!

I love Beatles and I'm not upset with the Barkers and I don't think it's a kind of lack of respect. It's the best crap I've seen!!! (04-27-2002)

Lennon (turning in his grave) (Ohmy says:
The perpretrators of this abomination should be hunted down and Hung, drawn and quartered until it really hurts. (04-25-2002)

Steve says:
Well, they're better than the Beats! (04-16-2002)

Ari Frankel ( says:
Any songs with cats?!? wonderfful stuff!!! (04-13-2002)

Walt Van Tine ( says:
Absolutely hilarious! (03-29-2002)

Jason Thompson ( says:
Good god, I own this piece of crap on cassette! Found it in a Camelot Music bargain bin for a buck years ago. I bought it because I was knee deep in having just "discovered" the Beatles myself at around age 12 or so. So anything even remotely related to the Fab Four had to wind up in my collection. I remember before I even put the damn thing on, I wondered why I bought it, knowfing full well what it was going to be. So terribly bad. (03-29-2002)

Denny ( says:
I seriously want this album. It would drive my dog nuts. (03-26-2002)

Brittney ( says:
It just keeps getting better and better. Where do I buy one.....? (02-16-2002)

Verra Jones ( says:
well i thought this was more magic than david blaine buggering davey copperfield suspended in the sky for a fortnight, im a homesick scouser in the middle of nowhere new york and likei heard this on free forum station and it was ace.
RIP George we miss you top lad u were :) (12-05-2001)

essej ( says:
this actually brings incredibly fond memories to mind for me. my dad had this record somewhere in the amassed walls of vinyl in the apartment, and even if i was too young to really get acquainted with what he had, three records made an indelible impression on me and i still remember them to this day. out of the thousands of records he owned, three of them stuck with me. three of them. out of thousands. i kick myself now for not paying more attention. anyhow, it was this record, the Android Sisters, and a story-song-album called The Point. i'd love to hear the other two again, because hearing this has brought up some fond, fond memories of the times my dad and i spent together, so if'n anyone can help out, please let me know. (and i can hear you thinking : "what kind of fucked up family life did this kid have if he's bonding with his dad over the Beatle Barkers?") (11-12-2001)

Nigel Kendall ( says:
I'm thrilled to see the coverage that this long-neglected masterpiece is finally getting. I bought this record some years ago in a UK record shop remnants bin for 49 pence, and have regularly subjected friends and relatives to it ever since. Paperback Writer is, simply, a work of woofy genius. If anyone out there is interested, I believe the perpetrators of this hideous collection were Australian. (11-10-2001)

M Mc ( says:
What a riot! Best laugh I have had in a while. Both my Corgis came running in barking and howling while playing "Love Me Do"!! I called and left my little brother a voice mail of all of the commotion going on. This was great. Dodge, thanks for sending it to me. It got my mind off work! MMc (10-22-2001)

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