Beatle Barkers

Do you love the Beatles? Do you love Dogs? Now you can love them both at the same time!

I've listened to hundreds of Beatles covers over the years in just about every style and format you can possibly imagine. I've got Beatle covers by groups trying to sound just like the Beatles and groups trying to sound like anything but the Beatles. Covers sung by celebrities, TV stars, musicians, and nobodys. Musical styles ranging from Country to Jazz to Classical to Acapella. Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes this treasure: the Beatle Barkers. On it are 12 of the Beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs. That's right. Dogs.

You know at Christmastime when every radio station in town starts playing that annoying version of Jingle Bells where the tune is carried by a dog barking at different pitches? Well, this is an entire album of Beatles songs delivered exactly the same way. They even throw in a few other animal noises like cats, chickens and sheep. If that sounds revolting just listening to the description, wait until you hear the record.

I don't get it. Beatles songs with dog and cat noises is supposed to be entertaining? Cartoons of dogs playing guitars with Beatle haricuts is funny? Am I missing a chromosome somewhere or is this the stupidest idea for a recording since Edison cranked out the first wax cylinder?

The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the most well-loved and frequently performed of our generation. I have often wondered why the success of Lennon and McCartney hasn't been duplicated since the 60's -- not even by Lennon or McCartney themselves. I think this record makes the answer obvious. If reaching the pinnacle of songwriting success means you get to hear your music performed by dogs, who would want to bother?

Beatle Barkers
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Love Me Do (MP3) I'll fetch your slippers for you. I'll get the paper too. Love, love me do.
I Saw Her Standing There (MP3) Well she was just seventeen... how old is that in dog years?

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Your Comments:

b barker lover ( says:
God, I wish I could find this album. (10-16-2001)

Billy Shears says:
These animals sound like rejects from the Sgt. Pepper "Good Morning, Good Morning" sessions. Arf Arf! (10-15-2001)

Jim From Chicago says:
I sure can't help but recall that there was a Christmas album done by a bunch of barking dogs. "Jingle Bells" was the outstanding hit on that album, if my memory serves me right. Yes, they really ARE dogs barking. Before the days of digital sound, etc. Can you imagine how much audio tape ended up on the editing room floor after one of those production sessions? (10-11-2001)

jim ( says:
where can i buy this at? also looking for chipmunk beatles links anything would be much appreciated thanks (10-10-2001)

Pepito ( says:
If *anybody* has any Beatles Barkers songs in MP3 format I would be *eternally* grateful if you could email me!!

Pepito (09-09-2001)

miyagi ( says:
are they genuine dogs?.if so is there an old tv
or videoclip about anywhere? (09-05-2001)

ByteMi ( says:
Got this record. When I first played it, I almost bust a gut!!! Not to mention my dogs were howling back!!!!
I live in the Washington DC Area. I used to listen to this bizarre radio program called "Corn Between Your Teeth" hosted by Seth Morris on WPFW on Monday and then saturday nights. I listened to it from the seventh grade on through high school. This dude really warped me. Then he went off the air in 1993. I miss that show.

I need to know, is there any internet radio station that I can listen to that plays the best in garbage records? email me.

Are there any websites selling these kind of records or any record store in the DC/VA area that sell them?

Thanx (08-11-2001)

John ( says:
Can't seem to download these Beatle Barker songs. Can anyone send me an mp3 or two? (08-02-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (07-25-2001)

Ryan Downs says:
Hey Frank, I think you should try to find another copy of this album I own called "Music to Barbeque By" issued by the Adolf meat tenderizer company. It has a few famous names playing music with food-related titles. Adolf even put recipes on the back. (07-07-2001)

Hedda says:
Some of these cheap covers amaze me... looks like some guy spent about 20 minutes with some magic markers on this one. (06-27-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Now if these guys ever covered the whole WHITE ALBUM or (who's) TOMMY or (pink floyd's) THE WALL... that would be scary as hell-- kinda like animal farm. (06-14-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
This album, my comrades, is straddling the ever-so-thin line of genius and insanity. I love it-- I love the Beatles too... but this is the stupidest, most brilliant idea I've heard of since gas-powered condoms. (06-14-2001)

mike grossman ( says:
This may result in a plethora of hate mail but...I have been collecting beatle covers (recordings by other artists) for about 15 years. My current total is around 4950 different versions! Yes, I may be disturbed. If anyone out there would like to question my sanity or just chew the fat..feel free to e-mail me. I am always looking for new versions as is encouraged..Later.. (09-05-2000)

Howwwwwwwwww ! ( says:
I like, I love, j'aime, j'adore ! Here in France, since I discover these songs on your fantastic site, all my friends and collegs listen the Barker's Love me do. Please, could you put the over songs on your site (or sent by e-mail), with the back side of the cover ? I'm working for a TV Channel in France, and we have spoken about your site in one of our shows. Thank you wery wery wery much !!! (08-20-2000)

Sandi says:
I love it (06-27-2000)

Neuman ( says:
I've never openly wept over a song....til now (05-03-2000)

robert says:
well, if you remember the fade on "i feel fine" with the fabs barking like dogs, or "hey bulldog" which finds them barking like dogs who've surrepititiously eaten their masters' stash of orange sunshine... i guess this gem chases "jingle cats" up a tree! woof. (04-26-2000)

Dave says:
Oh Please! Make these downloadable! I can hardly write this.. I'm laughing so hard. Is this available anywhere? (03-30-2000)

spot ( says:
i've had this album for years and after reading the above i'm glad to say i've only ever played a very very small bit of it once and once only. but dont let that put you off it.highly recommended for annoying beatles fans who refuse to believe it exists. (02-04-2000)

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