Beatle Barkers

Do you love the Beatles? Do you love Dogs? Now you can love them both at the same time!

I've listened to hundreds of Beatles covers over the years in just about every style and format you can possibly imagine. I've got Beatle covers by groups trying to sound just like the Beatles and groups trying to sound like anything but the Beatles. Covers sung by celebrities, TV stars, musicians, and nobodys. Musical styles ranging from Country to Jazz to Classical to Acapella. Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes this treasure: the Beatle Barkers. On it are 12 of the Beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs. That's right. Dogs.

You know at Christmastime when every radio station in town starts playing that annoying version of Jingle Bells where the tune is carried by a dog barking at different pitches? Well, this is an entire album of Beatles songs delivered exactly the same way. They even throw in a few other animal noises like cats, chickens and sheep. If that sounds revolting just listening to the description, wait until you hear the record.

I don't get it. Beatles songs with dog and cat noises is supposed to be entertaining? Cartoons of dogs playing guitars with Beatle haricuts is funny? Am I missing a chromosome somewhere or is this the stupidest idea for a recording since Edison cranked out the first wax cylinder?

The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the most well-loved and frequently performed of our generation. I have often wondered why the success of Lennon and McCartney hasn't been duplicated since the 60's -- not even by Lennon or McCartney themselves. I think this record makes the answer obvious. If reaching the pinnacle of songwriting success means you get to hear your music performed by dogs, who would want to bother?

Beatle Barkers
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Love Me Do (MP3) I'll fetch your slippers for you. I'll get the paper too. Love, love me do.
I Saw Her Standing There (MP3) Well she was just seventeen... how old is that in dog years?

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Your Comments:

sophie says:
this is so funny, my dog actually stood up on his hind paws and joined in with the singing!!!!!!!! hehe (09-14-2003)

Mikael says:
I bought the Beatle Barkers album after coming across this site. Thank you, so very much. (09-07-2003)

Scott Fergusson says:
Me, I'm waiting for some wiseguy to do an album of Beatles covers with synthesized flatulence. If I close me eyes, I can almost hear Eric Clapton's vibrato in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". I figure it's only a matter of time... (08-31-2003)

Reed ( says:
I found a place where you can order this on CD for $10.95 USD! (08-22-2003)

Dan Sterling ( says:
Can someone tell me where to get their album(s)??
Thanks! (08-22-2003)

Jeanne Rutherford ( says:
I have to say that this is the funniet thing I have ever heard! When I'm down it always brings a smile to my face!!!! (08-01-2003)

DerProfi says:
This piece of garbage would be much improved if the asshat who programmed the keyboards had bothered to collect more than 5 samples of dog barks. Instead, he spread a handful of samples out across the entire range of the various melodies and it sounds like, well...a sampler.

Sweet Jeebus, I did more realistic sampling work on a 1980's vintage Casio sampling keyboard for my magnum opus "Fartin' To The Classics" (06-29-2003)

Steve Slack ( says:
You know, I saw these exact same Beatle dogs play as full-size Animatronic puppets in a Chuck E. Cheese once. It was very very scary. (06-16-2003)

Reed ( says:
I would love to find a copy of this album. I have been searching on e-bay and the internet and i haven't been able to find it. Anyone know where it is still available or is willing to sell me their copy? (06-14-2003)

kerri says:
My rottweiler loved it. (06-05-2003)

Vendermeulen says:
the beatles ain't nothin' but a bunch of hound dogs !!!!!! they're barkin all the time. (06-03-2003)

Kujo says:
How abot a little more pussy,cat? (05-28-2003)

WWDD Week 19 ( says:
It is really hard to believe that music has degenerated itself to this level. It is as though God himself has designed this as a forbearance of a hell yet to come.

Try awaking each morning to a flock of chickens leading into "Day Tripper", or if you prefer, a nautious recording of "Love Me Do", and you will quickly opt for the sounds of dentist drills, death knells, and foghorns for your listening pleasure, and be thankful for the change of tune.

I thought I had escaped the torture of this music from when my younger brother physically wore the cassette out some time ago, only to have my older sister order the damn CD and start making copies of it for him on cassette.

On a recent trip home hearing this noise again, I decided that I have made the right decison to move half way around the world and join the clergy.

Whoever came up with this idea should be should be spayed/neutered in the way as oh so many hounds o' the tape's parents should have been as pups, thus avoiding such clamor on the whole.

This is clearly the work of someone who hates the Beatles, and should only be listened to as punishment.


virginia flores ( says:
hi my name is virginia flores
i want to say that the beatles are my favorite
group and thay make very good music (05-18-2003)

mazems ( says:
hello (04-28-2003)

r j ( says:
my dog gets scared when she hears the song. the cat only looks once in a while on the 2cd song. (04-25-2003)

Agenor Kacazu ( says:
I?m Beatles Covers collector too. Is the The Beatles Barkers still on sale somewhere?
Why don?t The Jingle Cats or The Jingle Dogs do a Beatle Tribute Album? It could be Fantastic! (04-19-2003)

la Shirl says:
oh Frank...just read your commentary....lighten up darilng.... this is hilarious!!!....thanks for this wonderful site and posting the "Beatle Barkers"...I've just started a *domino principle* amongst the dogs in my (04-18-2003)

Juan ( says:
TAKE IT AWAY FELLOWS!!! (04-18-2003)

Gail ( says:
Hi Frank!

I would LOVE to use one of your songs on my website for profession private pet care. Am I able to purchase your music??? I am very anxious to finish my site, if you could respond to me at your earliest convience, I certainly would appreciate it! It would be so perfect to open my site with "She was just 17" because it is so upbeat and also has a cat in it!! This is great.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

Thanks!! (04-14-2003)

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