Beatle Barkers

Do you love the Beatles? Do you love Dogs? Now you can love them both at the same time!

I've listened to hundreds of Beatles covers over the years in just about every style and format you can possibly imagine. I've got Beatle covers by groups trying to sound just like the Beatles and groups trying to sound like anything but the Beatles. Covers sung by celebrities, TV stars, musicians, and nobodys. Musical styles ranging from Country to Jazz to Classical to Acapella. Just when I thought I'd heard everything, along comes this treasure: the Beatle Barkers. On it are 12 of the Beatles' most popular early songs, done up by a traditional rock-'n-roll band with the vocals supplied by dogs. That's right. Dogs.

You know at Christmastime when every radio station in town starts playing that annoying version of Jingle Bells where the tune is carried by a dog barking at different pitches? Well, this is an entire album of Beatles songs delivered exactly the same way. They even throw in a few other animal noises like cats, chickens and sheep. If that sounds revolting just listening to the description, wait until you hear the record.

I don't get it. Beatles songs with dog and cat noises is supposed to be entertaining? Cartoons of dogs playing guitars with Beatle haricuts is funny? Am I missing a chromosome somewhere or is this the stupidest idea for a recording since Edison cranked out the first wax cylinder?

The songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney will go down in history as the most well-loved and frequently performed of our generation. I have often wondered why the success of Lennon and McCartney hasn't been duplicated since the 60's -- not even by Lennon or McCartney themselves. I think this record makes the answer obvious. If reaching the pinnacle of songwriting success means you get to hear your music performed by dogs, who would want to bother?

Beatle Barkers
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Love Me Do (MP3) I'll fetch your slippers for you. I'll get the paper too. Love, love me do.
I Saw Her Standing There (MP3) Well she was just seventeen... how old is that in dog years?

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Your Comments:

Enigmatic says:
In answer to Real Thing's post, the record is from 1983.

The relatively new sampling keyboards such as the Fairlight or the Synclavier were used to make music that would have been almost impossible to make before they were available.
By todays standards they are dated and almost childlike but in the day they were made this was cutting edge stuff. (03-11-2005)

PETE ( says:
Hello , i bought this off of a website and its brilliant !! i wanted to buy it again but lost the website ,could anyone help ? Thanks a lot !!
pete. (03-08-2005)

don bruner says:
I originally released that album on the Telmak Teleproducts lable when
I was music manager.
I had to come up with 2 concepts per week to advertise on TV.
As I was previously Professional Manager at ATV Northern Songs
(Sydney)... managing Lennon/McCartney copyrights, I was uncomfortable leashing
this "gem" to the public- note:
it was produced by A Sex Pistols former engineer.
I also released an lp of the Pope's poems sung by Sarah Vaughn
( to commemorate his Australian tour - way back in the 80's) (02-27-2005)

Reed says:
I found a place where you can order this on CD for $10.95 USD. (08-22-2003) (01-20-2005)

harpyrec says:
wellp..i think we now know why decca turned the beatles down prior to ringo joining.
ands why george martin may have been a bit scared to sign them too!
i never thought peter best effected thiewr palying to this extent! (01-02-2005)

pete ( (pete)) says:
can anyone tell me where i can buy beatle barkers? thanks (12-30-2004)

Gruntle Bucket says:
Well, speaking as a Border Collie I think this was okay. There's not enough music just for dogs. I usually have to listen to techno or jazz, or worse, musicals!
My doggy dad is still out the back looking for the cat that he heard.
My humans seemed to think it was pretty funny too, watching me react to the howls and barks.
Woof! (12-23-2004)

Gawd says:
what a bunch of sick fuckers (11-29-2004)

Howard Banney ( says:
I have heard for years there was an Elvis Barkers issue.
Can anyone verify this and any info or where to get it? (11-27-2004)

Real Thing says:
This album is the REAL thing. If I recall, it was most probably from the late 70s or early 80s. We had (and I repeat HAD) friends who loved this album and used to play it whenever I was at their house. It was always entertaining to watch their dogs respond to the album :)

Aaah, the 70s :) (11-25-2004)

mélinda ( says:
i'm a journalist i wonder if the beatle barkers are real??? (11-23-2004)

erick "moondog" Rocket ( says:
Who lets the dogs out? who! who! who! (11-14-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Yes, I AM going to put something up on EVERY. DAMN. ONE. Of these forums! Suck. It. Up.

Once again (I'm sensing a theme in your ramblings, Doctor) I'm gonna say - this record probably took hours and hours of tedious, frustrating work - hunched over a tape-editing block with sharp razor blades and little pieces of splicing tape that get stuck to your pants in the back where you can't see them. No samplers. No computers. (Well, they HAD computers - but they were the size of a city block and had a tendancy to run amuck and spit up reels of magnetic tape.) You had to be pretty MOTIVATED to want to make a record like this - which probably had one good Christmas retail cycle and then ended up in the cut-out bins at SS Kresge and Salvation Army stores nationwide. Anyway, I call this the "monk-syndrome". No, not as in Theloinous. The other kind. Think - dark airless cells. Bad light. Bad food. Bad teeth. (Lots of grog, though.) No friends. Except for that little sparrow who comes to your window in the spring! Alas and alack! Little sparrow...


So you can point and laugh all you want - somebody (probably now dead or close to it) put their heart and soul into bring you some canine Christmas carols. The least you can do is APPRECIATE IT!

Oh, never mind... (11-10-2004)

Eowyn (-) says:
The Beatle meiodies is lovely and wonderful. (11-10-2004)

Ana ( says:
What's up?!
weel. I don't speak english and I don't what I doing here... ok.. I love The Beatles
bye bye (11-07-2004)

Djiss says:
grave sa mère ! (11-07-2004)

burdigala ( says:
tain ca tue sa race !!! (11-07-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Joli ( says:
Bob Barker... MOVE OVER. And yes, there is actually a discofied dance version of "Price Is Right" on KaZaA. But I think that the Beatle Barkers even give Price Is Right a run for it's money. Arf. Meow. Howl. Yowl. Roof. (10-12-2004)

Shi did it says:
How can I hear the beatles bark?
It's not working on my PC ....wraff,wraff ? (10-10-2004)

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