Cathy Berberian: Revolution

Beatles songs go baroque! An operatic first!

Eventually, record producers realized that it's a bad idea to make entire albums of Beatles songs done in some unique or perculiar non-rock style. Unfortunately, that seminal moment did not occur until some time after opera singer Cathy Berberian recorded this unbelievable LP.

The liner notes on "Revolution" (a Beatle song that Cathy doesn't actually perform on it) start off rather tongue-in-cheek, asking "Who are they kidding? Is this another put-on, some sort of musical joke?" The notes quicky go on to assure the reader that it is not, but one listen to the music on this album and you won't know what else to make of it. Opera. The Beatles. Error. Error.

Call your friends over. Place your jaw squarely in the open position. Drop the needle on Revolution, and prepare to be amazed.

Cathy Berberian: Revolution
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I Want To Hold Your Hand (MP3) What were they thinking!?

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dilbo says:
Come on its not that bad, The arrangments in the background are really great (02-25-2006)

sophia&isaac&josh ( says:
We laughed soooooooooooo hard! (02-11-2006)

Wouter says:
The thing is, it's just a gimmick and will never become more than that. Cathy Berberian did revolutonary things in music, and so did the Beatles. In my opinion these recordings drag those achievements of the both down. Secondly it takes much more effort to please, especially in classical singing. The Beatles were original, an opera singer often is not expected to be, but is desired to perform with virtuosity. Cathy Berberian was more extravagant and innovative, which led to interesting en celebrated new music, but it also had its downside. Of course it's great that there apparently are enough people that enjoy her spontaneous experiments, that in fact can't be so strictly separated from everything else she was. (02-07-2006)

Limric says:
"Quite" interesting until the chorus. Then I unitentionally urinated. (01-18-2006)

George ( says:
Cathy Berberian: Revolution
Simply splendid. It burst out of the speakers and onto my ears as a complete surpirise. I laughed and was delighted! She sure aint no Lennon! (01-16-2006)

Marcos Turquinho (see in orkut references of this artist) says:
For the ones who are aware of an artist like Cahy Berberian wouldn't mind about this as heresy. She was to the european Vanguard in the XX century much more then most judjements could do. She had a sense of musicality, humour and drama that we know it was only a joke of contrasts. Off course it's not a masterpiece even because Beatles is Beatles and most of their songs played by others we seem to dislike. (12-07-2005)

Ken Wolman ( says:
I don't think she did this for a "goof" or send-up. She interpreted them as art songs. Changing he musical style to something quasi-Mozartean forces meaning out of the words that may have been more than Lennon intended, but there it is anyway.

And did I say Cathy Berberian's voice was fantastic? (11-26-2005)

Shelly says:
As a singer who was disenchanted by the way our society has to "classify" everything, I was given new hope when my teacher gave me Cathy's cd. What a true inspiration to the creative singer and interpreter. (10-10-2005)

C. Terentius Rufus says:
Sorry, she's no Mrs. Miller. (08-21-2005)

Jeff says:
Intéressant! J'ai toujours aimé ces affrontements de styles! En effet, comme le dit une collèque plus haut : désacralisons-les!

Interesting! I always loved those innovations!


spokeshave mclachlan ( says:
well the idea both fascinated and appealed to me. good god it's a stwoke of genius i tell you. (08-05-2005)

hannibal ( says:
Gotta admit, this cover is clever and cool (08-04-2005)

Keith Weller says:
Wise up. Why does everyone think the beatles are sacred? Have a laugh at them, half of them are dead anyway. :o) (06-29-2005)

Zappydue says:
"Mean Mr. Mustard" should be played through loud speakers to the masses daily. (05-29-2005)

Zeta ( says:
Grande Cathy!!!
Grande Luciano(Laberintus 2)!!!
Más Grande The Beatles!!! (05-06-2005)

Tako Oda says:
This proves that beatles songs are timeless. Get an excellent art song singer to sing a beatles song and it still sounds natural and beautiful. The songs aren't reliant on popular style or any other gimicks. Awesome music. (04-21-2005)

Maalox ( says:
This is weird, but it's not bad. The fact that the performeing style and the song don't "fit" kind of highlights how good each of them is.

Call me crazy, but I kinda like this. (04-20-2005)

bavarian beatle norbert ( says:
cathy´s ticket to ride is great...reminds me on tiny tim´s equally humorous and breathtaking version of john´s nowhere man (to discover on one of the beatles´christmas records)!
BUT: who can help me get a copy of cathy´s reissue of her whole album REVOLUTION???
beatle norbert (04-17-2005)

Majorinc Kazimir says:
Cathy Berberian is great singer, and her interpretation of the Beatles songs is smooth, fresh and sensible. I strongly recommend her other works. (04-11-2005)

Uhmmm says:
This is scary, but funny. So funny.
But scary...
Poor Beatles! (03-10-2005)

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