Poe through the Glass Prism

Quoth the Raven, "Oh my God!"

Here's another one of those "concept albums" that people used to do back in the 70's before musicians realized that it was a bad bet to expect people to have any interest in actual artistry. This one has the bold idea of recording a series of rock tunes set to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. All in all, it's not a bad idea, and one that must have been largely lost on the dope-smoking rock-n-roll record buyers of the era.

The music on this album is really pretty cool. Check out "The Raven", which I understand hit the charts for at least a little while in 1974. Its wailing Hammond organ sounds and monotone vocal delivery are pretty catchy. I also enjoy the way the band combines early-Beatles haircuts with late-Beatles costuming. Who can possibly resist a band with a velvet jacket and a giant black bird? Not me!

Poe through the Glass Prism
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The Raven (MP3) Once upon a midnight dreary...

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Your Comments:

Adam B says:
Simply stupendous! (02-11-2004)

Harry says:
Hi guys, what's going on? I'm not from Pa and I'm not from the 70's. I just turned 22. I really like this song. Hope you long term fans get your reunion. I would even drive up from Long Island to see and hear it with some friends that also liked The Raven when I played it for them. We think the photo is great. What a super idea. (02-11-2004)

A fan who wants a reunion says:
Would you please share with all of us what Tom Varano said about a reunion? Many people would like to know. Thank you. (02-11-2004)

chris ( says:
tom varano....thanks for the reply. i really meant a lot to me! A reunion would be great!!! did shenandoah ever make any recordings? thank and keep the faith.....chris (02-10-2004)

Jack ie D says:
What a crazy idea. I like it. Sounds really cool. (02-08-2004)

Marcy says:
Oh my God. I came upon this completely by accident and I just got goose bumps all over by body. I think about those times so often now and going to those dances to see my favorite band, The El Caminos/Glass Prism/Shenandoah. There are so many memories for me and I am sure for everyone who ever saw them. I just can't begin to say how much those days mean to me now and this band had everything to do with our social lives for those first steps into our adult lives. (Just unforgetable) (02-07-2004)

Bryan D says:
Trivia Question:
You mean to say one of the guys is answering the questions. No fair, but funny. Here is one for everyone else.
Trivia Question #3:
The El Caminos were the band that everyone knew as the top group around. The name didn't fit the Poe theme so a new name had to be found. Who came up with it? (02-07-2004)

Dixon says:
The Raven is a really good song. The Poe concept is a neat idea. I'm a fan of EAP and now of The Glass Prism. Give me more. (02-07-2004)

Hailey ( says:
these guys look awesome! (02-07-2004)

Rick says:
"Oops"! (02-07-2004)

A Suspicious Fan says:
I just want to congratulate "Rick" for answering correctly. Who is with me in thinking that the reason he answering correctly is because this "Rick" is Drummer Rick Richards. I understand he checks this website out periodically. Very funny, if it is you, Rick. Now answer a really hard one: who is the only member who only played in Shenandoah?!(just kidding) I think you should stop reading and start practicing for the big reunion we are all waiting for! Let us know if it is you , Rick Richards (02-06-2004)

Bryan D says:
Trivia Quiestion #2:
Rick you are correct. Steve was the first drummer. He died in a car accident and was replaced by Rick C. George was the piana player who went to collge and was not replaced. Tom was the lead guitarist throughout the groups history. Jim, who played sax, bass and keyboards, came a few months after George, Tom and Steve started the El Caminos. Jim was replaced by Auggie on bass when he went to college. Carl who played guitar and keyboards came about the same time as Jim.
The group change it's name to The Glass Prism when they signed with RCA to record the first of two albums. Poe Through The Glass Prism and On Joy And Sorrow.
Carl was not replaced and went on to play with the Buoys. The trio of Rick, Tom and Auggie became Shenandoah. Auggie was replaced by Louie Cossa who remained with Tom and Rick until THE END.
This was truely the end of an era. An era when rock music was simple and true. In a way these guys were pioneers. They did what very few rock bands did and they lasted longer than most. They were the real thing for well over a decade. Congratulations are in order I'm sure. (02-05-2004)

Angela K says:
My father has a collection of vinyl albums that he bought at a flee market years ago. He said the box had a lot of Beatles and Dave Clark Five albums that he wanted. It also had Poe Through The Glass Prism. When we were kids he would play all of those albums over and over. The Prism was one of his favorites thou he said he didn't know much about them. I was surprised to see this site with their album cover photo and hear The Raven which I hadn't heard in years. They must have been a great band. I guess you could call me a fan. I just love that album. (02-05-2004)

Mark Rivera says:
This song is really pretty good. Where did it come from? (02-05-2004)


Rick says:
Question # 2..... Steve Bond, Jim Shrader, George Fox, Carl Siracuse and Tom Varano. (02-04-2004)

Bryan D says:
Trivia Question:
Rick you are correct. Tom Varano was the leader of the groups know as The El Caminos, The Glass Prism and Shenandoah.

Trivia Question #2:
Who were the founding members of the original El Caminos? (02-04-2004)

Ice says:
Why isn't the Pink Panther in this one? What song can't have the double P in it? (02-04-2004)

Rick says:
Tom! (02-04-2004)

Bryan D says:
Trivia Question:
The El Caminos were the first band I ever saw. I followed their career thru the various changes including The Glass Prism days and the Shenandoah days. They lasted from the early 60's thru the mid 70's. Only one of these guys was in all three incarnations. Does anybody know who? (02-03-2004)

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