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Ray Bloch Singers: Hits of '69 I bought this record and it is awful. But, somehow I get a sick kick out of that awfulness. I will drive around with this sh** on my iPod and look at the other drivers like, "You know what I'm listening to? Huh?," more...
Telly Why people find this dude attractive is beyond me,a bald guy with a nose and pasty face like that? Some peoples standards are pretty low more...
Beatle Barkers i am 16 and a huge McCartney fan and i didn't get the chance to see Paul live in Nashville so lets try to do ehnyrtvieg to get Paul back in Nashville so those who didn't get the chance the first time to see the concert more...

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Santa Cruz, CA Ano Nuevo, CA Annette makes me a Hat. At the Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz Ano Nuevo, CA Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz, CA Santa Cruz, CA
Annette Beside The Sea Ano Nuevo Crocheting A Hat Eileen Flying Pelican Mystery Spot Gift Shop Pelican And Friends Restaurant

2008-05-28    What is Fonzie's favorite vitamin?
2008-03-16    PalmOS: A Nine-year waste of Time and Money
2008-01-13    Bring Back the Dongle
2007-09-01    Two New Songs
2007-07-15    Frank signs up for 150 mile bike ride

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